MCCA Receives Major Grant From Microsoft

Friday, August 1, 2008 - 00:00

Microsoft Corporation has contributed $500,000 to the 10x10x10 Campaign of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA). The donation is the largest received by the campaign to date and will support MCCA programs fostering diversity in the legal profession.

Microsoft's pledge will be paid over three years.More than half of the donation, $270,000, will go to the Lloyd M. Johnson, Jr., Scholarship Program, which provides law school scholarships for newly accepted students from disadvantaged backgrounds. The remaining $230,000 will support other MCCA initiatives.

The MCCA Tenth Anniversary Campaign: 10x10x10 was launched in 2007. Its goal is to raise $10 million by the year 2010. Microsoft's donation brings the campaign to one quarter of its fund-raising goal.

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association's (MCCA) survey of the nation's largest 1000 corporations shows continued growth in the number and diversity of women serving as general counsel.The MCCA ®2008 Survey of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 Women General Counsel reveals the following facts:

• Women serve as the top lawyers of 92 companies in the Fortune 500 ranking, an increase of two women general counsel from the 2007 survey and an increase of nine from 2006.

• More diversity than the 2007 Fortune 500 survey, consisting of 83 Caucasian, four African American, two Asian American and three Hispanic women general counsel.

• Forty-six women serve as the lead attorney. This is an increase of seven over the 39 in the 2007 list.

• New York leads the list of state locations by having 14 companies with women general counsel.California is second with 11, and Texas is third with eight. Illinois and New Jersey each have seven.

• In the Fortune 501 to 1000 companies, the number of women general counsel also increased in 2008 after a decline in 2007.Seventy-eight women general counsel comprise this year's list, versus 70 in 2007 and 74 in 2006.