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Reality Check: Valuing ERISA Plan Investments In PE Funds

Many ERISA retirement or pension plan managers have plan money invested in limited partnership positions in private equity firms. The plan manager has a fiduciary duty to the employees whose funds are included in the plan to ensure that the plan's money is prudently invested. It is increasingly...

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Defining Corporate Social Responsibility As A Norm Of Corporate Behavior

Editor: Please define corporate social responsibility for our readers. Jaffe: Broadly speaking, it is a matter of corporate self-regulation, concern for law, ethics, international norms, environment, the public sphere - for all the stakeholders in the business. At its best, it is a top down and...

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Clouding Out Global Reality Can SaaS Systems Work In An International Company?

As innovators solve business problems, the "Law of Unintended Consequences" inevitably rears its ugly head. Outsourcing data and computer functions, referred to as "cloud computing," provides a company with a solution to the rapid changes in information technology, competitive advantages and cost...

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