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How The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Coming Under Attack - Part II

In last month's issue, the authors described the methamphetamine epidemic that is plaguing the U.S. and how the states and Congress have been responding to it. This article discusses how successful those responses have been, as well as pseudoephedrine-related lawsuits that are targeting the...

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How The Pharmaceutical Industry Is Coming Under Attack - Part I

Introduction Methamphetamine abuse is a growing epidemic that is plaguing the United States. Methamphetamine in this country is either imported from Mexico or produced in homemade, local 'laboratories.' One of the key ingredients used to produce methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine, which is...

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Proceed With Caution When Using Independent Contractor Status

Classifying workers as independent contractors continues to be a risky proposition for employers. Many employers utilize this classification to avoid paying minimum wage/overtime, or to avoid providing benefits. Improper classification may result in tax and wage law violations for the employer and...

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