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New York City Bar Association: Transforming The Practice Of Law

Editor: Please describe your background generally and with respect to the City Bar. Raskin: I went to Yale Law School and then practiced in civil legal services in Chicago for four years. I married a New Yorker and they can’t live anywhere else, so I got dragged to New York. Now I love it...

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City Bar: A Former Corporate Counsel Becomes Executive Director

Editor: Bret, tell us about your background before becoming executive director of the New York City Bar. Parker: I only recently became executive director of the City Bar. Until the end of April, I was vice president and associate general counsel at Elizabeth Arden in New York City. I had...

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Corporate Counsel

City Bar: A Dynamic Leader Steps Down

Editor: Barbara, it is hard to believe that you are retiring. Tell us about your career at the City Bar. Opotowsky: I don’t think of it as retiring. I’m just starting a new chapter, and we will see where that leads. As you know, since you have been involved for many years, the...

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Blockchain for Lawyers

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