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Take Another Look: Is your legal hold notice discoverable?

Recently, a federal district court denied a motion for a protective order to prevent the disclosure of litigation hold notices because it concluded that the defendants did not intend for the notices to be kept confidential as attorney-client communications, and the notices did not constitute...

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Board of Directors

Avoiding “Political Malpractice”: Eight Tips to Design a Government Relations Strategy for Your Business

Major businesses cannot afford to be without organized and effective government affairs operations. Elected officials and regulators increasingly are introducing more aggressive and more wide-ranging measures that significantly impact business interests. Government relations also can help a...

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You Want Me to Go Where for My Deposition? A Road Map for Responding to an Adversary’s Attempt to Depose High-Ranking Executives in Far-off Locales

With fewer cases moving to trial, depositions have become the key to civil litigation. Depositions are routinely used by counsel to exert pressure on a party by attempting to depose high-level executives in inconvenient locations, sometimes thousands of miles and many time zones away, in an...

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