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DuPont Legal Finds A Trusted Partner In DTI Philippines Location

Editor: Why did you decide to outsource your review process? Catanzaro: DuPont has been outsourcing its review services for at least 15 years. We’ve had great success in utilizing outsource providers that concentrate on the task at hand; that are dedicated to finding motivated and highly...

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Cost-Effective Computer Forensics And eDiscovery In Employment Cases

Although discovery in employment cases tends to be lopsided, with the bulk of the discovery burden resting on employers, computer forensics and eDiscovery projects can be handled in a cost-effective and defensible manner to control costs. Focused forensic analysis coupled with efficient...

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Technology-Assisted Review: An Integral E-Discovery Tool

Editor: Is it a given that some form of technology will be required to meet today’s discovery demands? Lavinder: Absolutely. Electronically stored information is playing a larger and more critical role in discovery, so technology is part of the landscape regardless of procedural decisions...

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