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Combating Counterfeiting In An Electronic Era

The prominence of the Internet in today's culture and its continually evolving online capabilities are not only providing more opportunity for growth and expansion of industries, but also for robust counterfeiting operations. This article discusses the sale of counterfeit goods on the Internet and...

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Email Theft: What Are Your Damages?

Introduction Your email account has been hacked. Sensitive business communications, documents, spreadsheets, strategic business plans, and personal emails are now vulnerable to misuse and widespread dissemination. If you identify the culprit, what remedies are available to you? A federal statute...

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Curbing Misclassification Pitfalls: Challenges In Today's Economic Environment

Editor: Please tell our readers about your labor & employment practice and your area of concentration. Schmidt: I represent large and small employers in various types of employment matters including discrimination, retaliation, non-compete claims and harassment. I also have a considerable...

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