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Navigating Internal Investigations

A recent CCBJ webinar highlighted the importance of being proactive instead of reactive when conducting internal investigations.

A key component of a corporate investigation is gathering data. As Curtis Collette, solutions architect at QDiscovery, puts it, “We need to understand what...

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Career Development

Looking Back: Federal Rules Reform Gets Real, 2014-2018

GCs embrace overhaul of e-discovery system.

The focus in early 2014 – MCC’s 21st year of publication – was very much on civil justice reform, specifically, proposed revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure pertaining to discovery and e-discovery. Driving...

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Career Development

Looking Back: A World Turned Upside Down, 2009-2013

Digging out and stepping up, in-house counsel take the wheel.

As the magnitude of the financial crisis became apparent, the corporate community fretted over the risks of overreaction. Lawmakers and regulators discussed an array of changes in oversight and governance that, if adopted, would...

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USPTO Announces Plan To Open Regional Office In Silicon Valley

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