Letter From The President Of The Houston Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel America

2007-11-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

The Houston ACC Chapter Board is pleased to announce that the Association of Corporate Counsel's National office named the Houston Chapter the 2007 Chapter of the Year in its category. The Houston Chapter received this award based on the benefits that the Chapter was able to provide its membership in the April 2006 through March 2007 year. This award recognizes the Chapter's growth in membership during this period of time of more than 125 members to a current membership of over 750 in-house counsel. This constituted a 20 percent growth, placing the Chapter into ACC National's Large Chapter category.

The Houston Chapter Board's professionalism, leadership, and service to the Chapter membership was also recognized by this award. This Board, however, recognizes that it stands on the shoulders of giants: the prior leadership, who laid the roadmap and foundation for the Houston Chapter to be successful.

In addition to the confirmation by ACC National that the Chapter Board did a good job and that it served in a way that was recognized by ACC National, the Board gets a new challenge: to excel in the Large Chapter category in the future.


Irene Kosturakis