Letter From The President Of The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association

2007-11-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

As my company is changing its name from Degussa to Evonik, I am reminded how often I and my NJCCA colleagues have gone through corporate reorganizations (whether voluntary, forced, or based on an acquisition, merger, or sale). It undoubtedly happens more than we would like. Nonetheless, it can be an exciting time and a lot can be learned about how a company functions and develops (or not) its unique culture.

Given the role lawyers play in corporate organization and reorganization, we are uniquely placed to help our corporate clients through change. This applies whether we are specialists in Intellectual Property, Governance, or Environmental, Health and Safety. Hopefully, our wise counseling can minimize known and avoid unanticipated problems.

But change can take a personal toll, whether it be the euphemistic downsizing or staffing adjustment or just the anxiety that can go along with any change, with a new corporation, or new management. We would hope that NJCCA (and ACC) could be a resource in-house counsel use to make it through periods of change. For example, our Career Management Committee provides resources for those in transition and our various networking events can allow attorneys to learn from the successes or the not quite successes experienced by others. Please tap these resources.

And if anyone wants some leftover copies of Who Moved My Cheese, I've got a few copies lying around somewhere.See you at our Annual Dinner Meeting on November 14.Information about the dinner and our other upcoming events is available at http://njcca.acc.com.


Lee Braem