Letter From The President Of The Greater New York Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel America

2007-09-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

Our chapter continues to present a high volume of excellent CLE programs addressing a wide range of current topics facing in-house attorneys.

Our parent organization, ACC, has vast resources available (see www.acc.com) at no charge above the membership fee - much less than the cost of retained counsel for an hour. Note specifically the Virtual Library research tool, which has a wealth of information, treatises, forms for contracts, and policies, among other things. Another great feature is the In-house Jobline that lists a wide variety of in-house positions that are available around the country. In addition, you will be impressed with the valuable advocacy initiatives that ACC has taken to represent in-house counsel on such critical issues as privilege and multi-jurisdictional practice.

I would also like to talk with you about another extremely valuable aspect of your membership in ACC and its Greater New York Chapter - the community of corporate counsel that the chapter provides. Not only does this lead to numerous personal contacts - some of my best friends in New York and around the country started as ACC colleagues - but it provides an invaluable network of professionals who can provide the "in-house perspective" on virtually any issues you may face domestically or around the world. While we will maintain our commitment to excellence in our extensive CLE offerings, the chapter is committed to enhancing the networking opportunities inherent in ACC membership.

A great networking opportunity, in an interesting environment, will take place on September 20 at the Agora Galley in Chelsea. Join us in recognizing excellent in-house pro bono, and use the opportunity to make new contacts while renewing old ones.

Our goal is to expand and enhance committees at the chapter level. The Employment Law, In-transition and Technology Committees are robust. We want to expand this committee structure to encompass other areas that are meaningful for you. As a former chair of the Small Law Department Committee on the national level, I can attest to the usefulness of committees. A high level of member involvement is needed for this to work well. The chapter will facilitate such activities, so let us know where your interests lie.

I strongly urge all members to attend the ACC Annual Meeting October 29-31 in Chicago. That is where you will experience the full impact of ACC as a community of corporate counsel. CLE programs are available for experts and generalists whether from large or small departments. Special arrangements are provided for first time attendees to optimize their participation in the Annual Meeting. As important as the substantive programs arranged by type of practice are the social activities that are available to get to know your in-house colleagues. You will have a great time and begin to build and expand your ACC network, which can provide practical guidance on a myriad of issues.


Lisa Whitney