Letter From The President Of The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association

2007-02-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

This past November, the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association (NJCCA) said farewell to its long-time Executive Director, Barbara Walder. For the last sixteen years of NJCCA's existence, Barbara was running the helm. And, she did so with energy, grit, professionalism, and humility.

At NJCCA's annual membership dinner on November 16, the current and past Presidents of the Association all spoke fondly of working with Barbara and expressed what she meant to more than the 1,000 in-house attorneys who have joined NJCCA. "If you mentioned NJCCA, you meant Barbara", said Art Saiewitz, NJCCA President from 2004-2005. "Her insights, her observations, were all offered to make NJCCA a success." This sentiment was echoed by Bruce Hector, NJCCA President 2002-2003. "Barbara has been the institutional memory and the one thread of continuity for NJCCA through all her time of service." According to Barbara Ann Sellinger, NJCCA President 1993-1995, "hiring Barbara Walder was one of the best things I did during my tenure as President."

Kristi Vaiden, NJCCA President 2006, highlighted a list of Barbara's many accomplishments: overseeing membership growth from the hundreds to the current roster of over 1,000; coordinating a dozen or so CLE programs each year; coordinating the all-day seminar for the last three years; working with sponsors to offer substantive and networking programs; and spearheading a 20th anniversary gala with more than 100 NJCCA members and guests. Said Kristi, "Barbara's tireless energy and boundless enthusiasm made her a terrific asset to our organization."

Dedicated to the end, Barbara was still helping run the strategic planning meeting for the leaders of NJCCA on November 30, Barbara's last day on the job.

Barbara will not be retiring. She plans to spend more time with her family - especially in helping her husband's business. She will be sorely missed by NJCCA, its leadership and other volunteers, and its members.


Lee A. Braem