Letter From The President Of The Houston Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel

2006-10-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

If I were to title this brief 'state of the chapter' report, it would be the 'Year of the Twin.' Our twin missions remain the same: serve our members and our community. At a special meeting in June, the board added two major new programs, one in the membership services area and one in our community services area.

In membership services, our main focus will continue to be to provide legal education at our chapter meetings and periodic half-day seminars, but we are adding a new program that will enable members to create 'practice groups' or 'committees.' This will provide a vehicle within our chapter for members with the same practice or interest to get together.

In community service, our main focus has been promoting diversity in the law. That will continue. Beside my bed for 25 or more years has been a 1948 translation of Taoist writers by Lin Yutang, and it says 'to possess diversity is called wealth.'

I believe that our chapter created wealth in our community through our Annual Golf & Spa event, which this year will allow our chapter to award $4,000 to each of 12 area law school students of diverse backgrounds. That is $48,000.

My bedside book of Taoist writings also says 'to love one's fellowmen and benefit all is called humanity.' Consistent with this thought, our board, at a special June meeting, voted unanimously to turn our focus to promoting pro bono legal services. We are designing programs that will facilitate in-house lawyers' participation in this worthy effort.

For more information about our chapter's twin missions to serve in-house counsel in the Houston area and our community, visit http://www.acca.com/chapters/houstphp or call Lori Wilkins at (713) 839-0808 or lori@amchouston.com.


Donald Butler