Letter From the President Of The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association

2006-04-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

How can NJCCA best add value to in-house counsel? To help answer that question, we surveyed our members last month and asked a sampling of general counsel from New Jersey's leading companies to share their views.

Results have been put to immediate use. The program offerings for NJCCA's all-day conference on September 26 were finalized based on the 'strong interest' input from our members. The day's programs are designed to help in-house counsel do what they do best - give top-quality legal advice.

The survey results and general counsel comments also provided valuable input for our board's and committee leaders' strategic planning retreat in March. Other input included the wealth of resources available from NJCCA's parent, the Association of Corporate Counsel. We thank Lee Braem of Tyco International and Lucinda Long of Valley National Bank, who co-chaired our retreat, for their leadership in helping NJCCA to lay a stronger strategic foundation for a bright future.

I encourage you to voice your viewpoint as NJCCA considers both time-tested and innovative approaches to enhancing value to our members. When you visit our web pages at www.acca.com, you will understand why our board and committee leaders are enthusiastic and excited about this year. I welcome your ideas for making the years to come even better for all of NJCCA's members.


Kristi L. Vaiden