Letter From The President Of The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association

2006-03-01 00:00

To The Readers OfThe Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Join our festivities on May 19 at NJCCA's 20th Anniversary Gala. We will applaud the visionaries who founded NJCCA, thank its former presidents and recognize the in-house counsel who have been NJCCA members for 20 or more years.

I follow in the footsteps of outstanding leaders. NJCCA's immediate past president Art Saiewitz laid the groundwork for numerous achievements. His personal goal was to expand NJCCA's membership beyond 1,000. We congratulated him when we heard our January statistics that NJCCA serves 1,024 members.

As NJCCA's then president, Art was honored to receive the Chapter Challenge Award for Large Chapters at ACC's annual meeting this past fall. NJCCA met the two criteria required for winning this award. It had more new members and a better membership retention rate than any other large chapter.

I have my own ideas as to why NJCCA continues to attract and retain members, but I am much more interested in yours. Thanks to all our members who completed NJCCA's recent survey. Your input was invaluable at our leadership retreat earlier this month. If you are not a member, please send me an email at kvaiden@mycomcast.com with your suggestions as to how NJCCA can make its services most attractive to in-house counsel.

For information about NJCCA's 20th Anniversary Gala, upcoming CLE programs and other activities, visit www.acca.com or contact NJCCA Executive Director Barbara Walder at NJCCA41@aol.com.


Kristi L. Vaiden