Letter From The President Of The Arizona ChapterOf The Association Of Corporate Counsel-America

2004-03-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate

ACC membership offers many benefits. At the international,
national and local level, ACC programs give
members updates on current legal and regulatory issues,
networking opportunities and practical tips for meeting
the challenges of their day-to-day practice - all at a low
cost. Here is a sampling of some of the programs made
available through our Arizona Chapter.

On January 14, we hosted an up-to-date discussion of electronic issues led
by Todd Hale and Doug Metcalf of Lewis & Roca. On January 20, our discussion
focused on current developments in alternative dispute resolution, led by
Kimberly Moore of the American Arbitration Association.
Our February 17 program featured a discussion of the current status of the
attorney-client privilege in Arizona following the recent decision in The
Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix v. The Superior Court of Arizona, 62 P.3d
970 (2003). Our program was sponsored by Osborn Maldeon.
On March 16, representatives of Wood & Bender will discuss insurance
policy enforcement. They will provide the perspective of a firm that specializes
in assisting clients in getting the insurance coverage they've paid for once a
claim is filed.

If you would like to attend an upcoming program, please contact Susan
Calle at SusanCalle@mdhelicopters.com for information about registration
fees, time, location and other logistics. If you have any suggestions for future
programs and other services that you would like the Arizona Chapter offer to
our members, I encourage you to contact me at mnrogers@insight.com.


Mark Rogers