Letter From The President Of The National Association Of Women Lawyers

2006-01-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

As a new year approaches, many people find their thoughts turning to resolutions to be made and hopefully kept for the next year, and often this includes career planning. "This is the year I'll start on an MBA," many will think, or "I'll join that business association and really learn how to network." Following are some suggestions for making this happen.

Make professional development goals for yourself.Decide what the one year goal is beginning a course of study, taking some individual seminars, or volunteering with an organization that can further your plans, and do it. After one year, re-evaluate and begin to plan three- and five-year goals, using what you have learned. Make consistent re-evaluation a part of your plan - as you learn more, the opportunities increase, and you may find yourself moving in a direction never expected several years before.

Find the right association that offers a combination of education and networking. The human touch brought to your life by a good business association can make a real difference. The right association will put you with people who have careers similar to yours, and who can provide excellent feedback and suggestions regarding making your career fly. They can also be excellent referral sources for business contacts, new clients, and new educational plans.

Consider advocacy as part of your educational plan. Many business organizations are very active with national government, or with regional causes. Diversity is an initiative that is being embraced more and more often. Pursuing community service or similar goals can put you in touch with some very interesting people, who could bring a great deal to your career. If you can find a business organization that combines education, networking, and advocacy, strongly consider joining.


Lorraine K. Kroc