Letter From The President Of The Baltimore Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel

2004-07-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

We all know that our careers are not linear and that we often turn down many side roads before achieving our career goals.The Baltimore Chapter of ACC has an on-going committee dedicated to assisting members with career issues.

Raissa Kirk of Crown Central Petroleum Corporation and Ken Long of Raymond Geddes & Company, Inc., ably co-chair our Career Development Group.They provide enthusiastic and committed leadership in drawing together members and outside professionals to host and lead networking sessions to help in-house counsel enhance their careers.With funding from Thomson/West, they have pulled together a season's worth of offerings.

For example, this spring the Group hosted a breakfast at the offices of Piper Rudnick, LLP featuring Laurie Bortz, of counsel with Adelberg Rudow Dorf & Handler LLC.She spoke about her experience in making the transition from an in-house to a law firm setting. She also shared her insights into making career choices after in-house life and tips on making a successful transition.In early June, the Group held a lunch meeting with Ellen Ostrow Ph.D., president of Lawyers Life Coach, LLC.She provided advice to attendees on professional and personal development, and strategies for taking control of one's career, including life goal setting, developing schedules and action steps to achieve specific goals, and network building.

The Group also is exploring the implementation of an In-Transition Mentor Program as well as an online Yahoo group that would provide notice of in-house opportunities and a forum for members to discuss and post career search related topics.

Whether starting an in-house career, looking to move to another in-house opportunity or building on in-house experiences in changing career directions, I welcome your readers in the Baltimore area to participate in our events. To learn more, your readers can visit our chapter's web page at www.acca.com, or they can contact me at ldurbin@arglobal.com.


Lynne M. Durbin