Letter From The President Of The Northeast Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel-America

2004-05-01 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

It is my privilege to serve as the new president for ACCA's Northeast Chapter, and to thank my predecessor, Scott Squillace, for his outstanding contributions. Scott has served ACCA in a number of important ways over the years, consistently contributing his time, energy and unique abilities to make ACCA a better organization. In addition to his recent Chapter leadership, Scott has chaired the International Legal Affairs Committee at the ACCA national level and was one of the founding members of the European arm of ACCA.

Last year was a terrific year for our Northeast Chapter due to Scott's superb leadership, an excellent Board and an active, contributing membership, particularly in the areas of membership growth, pro bono efforts, and educational programs. Our Chapter surpassed the 600-member mark for the first time in its history, improved and expanded its pro bono efforts and held highly successful educational and networking programs nearly every month, often attracting more than 100 attendees.

Now in a new year, it is appropriate to look back at last year's accomplishments and to look ahead to the member opportunities. Those opportunities will continue to arise as we build on our past efforts in at least three important areas: (1) membership growth, (2) community contributions, and (3) career development.

Membership Growth. Credit for our Northeast Chapter's exceeding the 600-member mark goes to the Membership Committee and its chairperson, Bill O'Brien, for their successful efforts. We hope to continue to build upon this success and to offer the many benefits of ACCA membership to an ever-wider base of in-house counsel. If you are interested in joining ACCA or have ideas for achieving continued membership growth, please contact Bill O'Brien at bill.obrien@hp.com.

Community Contributions. Bill Wise of Analog Devices chairs our Chapter's Pro Bono, Ethics, and Advocacy Committee (who also does double duty as the chair of the corporate section of the BBA). Bill and the committee have done a superb job in driving this area of contribution, including the recent pro bono award given at the Chapter's all-day conference.If you have pro bono practices that you would like to share that would contribute to our community, please contact Bill Wise at william.wise@analog.com.

Career Development. The Northeast Chapter offers at least one substantive program per month (excluding the summer months) to provide educational and networking opportunities to our members. We are considering adding skills development programs for next year to complement the substantive programs. If you would like to inquire about upcoming programs, please contact David Pace at david.pace@reebok.com or our regional administrator, Louise Rothery, at accane@gis.net.

In addition, we recognize that we are in a challenging economic environment and that many in-house lawyers are in transition, finding it difficult to obtain that next position.June Roberts will lead our efforts to assist our colleagues who are in transition.

For more information about ACCA programs and services, please contact our regional administrator, Louise Rothery, at accane@gis.net.


Thomas Farrell