A Letter From The Secretary General Of The Indian National Bar Association

2014-10-22 11:38

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

“The first thing you must bear in mind, is  . . .  the practice of Law [is] not to make your profession subservient to the interest of your purse, as it is unfortunately, but too often, the case at present, but to use your profession for the service of your country.” 

- Mahatma Gandhi  

India had always been a country of many opportunities, and the recent statement by our prime minister at Madison Square Garden, in New York, on how we evolved from playing with snakes to a mouse ("There was a time when India was considered a land of snake charmers, [it is] thanks to you people and information technology that the perception about our country has changed," Narendra Modi) vindicates my belief. Eighteen years back, as I began my journey into India's legal fraternity, for me the definition of success was all about reaching the top of my career. But over the years I have realized that the joy of giving back to society is greater than any achievement measured in sheer materialistic terms. 

Though a land of many opportunities, what I have felt and experienced is that “my country" still has a long distance to travel. Below the silver linings of the corporate world, there is still an Indian living for whom such opportunities are still a distant dream. Even the basic right to avail justice from our legal system is a big fight. The reality is that 32 million cases are still pending. But the best part is that almost all the achievers I know of personally have a deep sense of gratitude towards the society. All of them want to give back to the society.  

This is where my experience and my will to make a better India led me, to start  the Indian National Bar Association (INBA), a nonprofit, non-political, non-governmental association endeavoring to bring the best of both the worlds -- the organizational understanding from the corporate world and the legal skills of the legal fraternity. 

INBA is the only Pan India association of lawyers. INBA’s mission is to provide for welfare of the legal community and to provide them with one collective voice to reform the Indian legal system and remove government bureaucratic rules and regulations (red tape) in order to usher in effective and quick justice to its citizens, leading to our nation’s growth. 

One of our recent initiatives has been to identify and review the obsolete laws. INBA has also written a letter to our respectable P.M. Narendra Modi regarding the same.

So on the occasion of the 65th National Law Day, INBA seeks, inter alia, to provide a forum for legal luminaries, senior government officials, legal departments of Fortune 500 companies, international law firms, senior lawyers and judges across the globe to sit back and reflect upon the myriad challenges faced by the nation and give much needed organized voice to the legal community to contemplate on all the policy and law-related challenges faced by the nation so that the quality of life for the common man on the streets is better. 

INBA strongly believes change is a process and not an event, and to achieve the vision of INBA, the event to be to be held on 26th and 27th National Law Day 2014 at The Suryaa Hotel in New Delhi is a continuation of the change we aim to bring around, which has already been set into motion last year, at the 64th National Law Day 2013. Last year the issues were many and we had to make a careful choice to make the best of the occasion. As the economy was slowing down, women folk feeling threatened at the work place and also on the streets; with retrospective amendments to the tax law touching a raw nerve with the international investor community; and with the justice delivery system being choked with colossal amounts, these were some of the issues we tried to find a solution to. 

In our sincere endeavor we were fortunate enough to be guided by some of the most respectable persons in India: Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap, former secretary general, Lok Sabha, president, Indian National Bar Association, Sr. Advocate Shri Ram Jethmalani with Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, national spokesperson, Bhartiya Janta Party, and many more. INBA is growing and will continue to grow. 

Dr. Subhash C. Kashyap once told me that I am the "spirit behind the movement called INBA," but I say I am a humble Indian who dreams of seeing a happy and prosperous India. 



Kaviraj Singh

Email: krsingh@indianbarassociation.org Contact:-+919555572999