Letter From The President Of The ACC British Columbia Chapter

2014-08-07 17:34

To The Readers of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

The British Columbia Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel has had an extremely successful past twelve months.  In the summer of 2013, we rolled out our new sponsorship program to identify and partner with law firms and other potential sponsors to deliver useful and timely educational and networking programs to our members.  Local law firms were quite excited to become partners with the BC Chapter of the ACC, and we quickly filled our quota for sponsors for the year.  We will be going back to the local firms to renew or sign up new sponsors in the coming weeks and, in what is an excellent sign for the growth and development of our chapter, virtually all of the sponsorship slots are already filled.   

Over the past year, we have hosted several informative and well-received educational sessions on current developments in the law (new Canadian anti-spam legislation, managing a corporate crisis, executive employment and non-compete issues), on ethical considerations for in-house lawyers (privilege in the in-house context) and on practical issues facing in-house counsel in their day-to-day practice (M&A pitfalls for in-house lawyers, benefiting from alternative fee structures including the ACC Value Challenge). 

For the coming year, we already have a number of great ideas in the pipeline.  We will be trying a new method of delivery of our educational programs to better serve members who do not live or work near the downtown core by offering the sessions both downtown and in the regions beyond the core.  We think this will be exceptionally well received by the lawyers who are based further afield.   In what is becoming a tradition for our chapter, we will be hosting a “back-to-school” networking kickoff event in September for our members and some prospective members to get together and mingle with some food and drinks as everyone begins ramping up for the fall season.  We are also exploring new and varied ways to deliver programming to try to combine the educational component with a fun or entertaining social activity.   

Our next year will also be a transitional year as we will be changing the composition of our board as the terms for me, as president, and for our treasurer are ending.  There have been many in-house lawyers who have expressed an interest in taking a larger role within the board which bodes well for the future of the chapter.  We will also be looking to get more members involved with the chapter committees to provide their insights and ideas as to educational content and delivery.  These changes will certainly make for a busy year!

Please check out our home page at http://www.acc.com/chapters/bc/.  We update this page regularly as we finalize the details of our upcoming programming so you will be able to find a listing of all upcoming events.  The names and contact details of each of our board members is also on our page, so please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions or comments regarding our chapter.

We are excited to have the privilege of continuing to serve our members and providing them with as many educational and networking opportunities as possible and are looking forward to an extremely busy but highly rewarding second year as a chapter of the ACC.


Robert Piasentin