A Letter From The President Of The Charlotte Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel

2012-03-23 16:33

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

The upcoming year promises to be a very eventful time for our Charlotte Chapter. The considerable efforts of the Executive Committee, committee chairs and board in 2011 have set a table with many delicious entrées and desserts. Of course, the ACC kitchen runs on the funds provided by our generous sponsors and for 2012 we have considerably increased the number and financial support provided by our ten law firms. Our Sponsorship Committee also deserves considerable praise for this achievement.

Some of that additional support will enable the chapter to hold ten luncheon/CLE meetings instead of our standard eight meetings. We have at least five social events which will be scheduled throughout the year. The 2012 board also recently decided to form three affinity groups that will also receive firm support: a women’s group and two other substantive groups currently in development.

In 2011, we had fifty-seven new members join our chapter, and active integration will always be a challenge. One goal along with growth is to increase the sense of value and community in our chapter. We hope to enhance the membership at the monthly meetings by creating an atmosphere that is both relaxed and personable.

Our annual Gala in January at the Mint Museum had outstanding attendance and the smiles at the tables and the reluctance to leave at the close were indicative of a successful event. The ability to view the galleries and the open, airy atmosphere also lent itself to a very interesting and fun evening. We look forward to more such diverse events in unexpected venues.


Ken Wittenauer