Letter From The Vice President Of The Northeast Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel

2011-10-04 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

The Northeast Chapter Expands

The Northeast Chapter of ACC has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past year. Currently, the membership stands at 1157, and it has been growing by 12-20 members per month on average for over a year. This growth is attributable to the excellent programs offered by our sponsors, as well as our recent efforts to broaden our membership appeal through our women's initiative, pro bono opportunities and more networking events.

With an unprecedented number of sponsors this year, the Northeast chapter is offering more programs than ever before, covering a wide variety of topics. Our sponsors are both knowledgeable and creative, and this year's roster of programs has been exceptional. In addition, our pro bono initiative has now begun to train mediators to serve in two additional district courts. Through our negotiation program at Citizen's Schools, we have once again introduced the legal profession in a positive light to children who might not otherwise have exposure to it.

In the Northeast, we are fortunate to serve members as far north as Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, and as far south as Rhode Island. Recognizing the time constraints that so many in-house counsel face, we have broadened our program reach by introducing a number of webinars. While face-to-face programs and networking are always well attended, the webinars are particularly valuable to those members outside of the immediate Boston area, or who are simply unable to schedule time away from their desks.

Member to member networking has always been well attended, so we have increased the number networking opportunities for our members. This year, we took advantage of the lovely Boston waterfront and added a popular harbor cruise to our offerings.

We are looking forward to 2012 as a real year for growth in the chapter - not only in numbers of members, but in what we can offer to help them improve their careers and the communities in which they live.


Kathleen Burke