Letter From The President Of The New Jersey Business & Industry Association

2010-07-05 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

The New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA) is proud to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year.Originally called the Manufacturers Association of New Jersey, NJBIA was founded by business leaders who recognized the need to speak with a single voice on the major issues of the day.

Throughout its history, NJBIA has remained steadfast to its original mission, growing in strength as the leading voice for business in the legislature and state agencies. Today, NJBIA and its staff of eight lobbyists work tirelessly to represent the interests of our 22,000-member companies. They analyze hundreds of pending bills and regulations annually, working to defeat anti-business laws and to support programs that will help businesses grow and create good jobs.

As former State Commerce Commissioner Borden Putnam once put it: "If NJBIA didn't exist, they'd have to invent it."

Over the years, NJBIA has grown into a business service organization that helps employers lower their costs, expand their businesses, and comply with state laws and regulations.

To help members meet their insurance needs, the association's founders created the New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company in 1913. Today, NJM Insurance Group is the state's largest property and casualty insurer and an industry leader for low costs and excellent service.As an NJBIA member, you and your employees are eligible to apply to NJM for top-rated personal and commercial auto insurance coverage.

NJBIA hosts numerous seminars and events designed to give businesses practical tips on everything from buying health insurance to complying with state and federal employee leave laws.And as the state's premiere advocacy group, we frequently bring together employers, lawmakers and state officials to discuss the issues that are most important to business.

NJBIA also provides its members with valuable, timely information on the latest business trends and practical topics, such as how to comply with government laws and regulations, get the best deal on health insurance or tap into low-interest loans, grants and tax credits. Much of this information is provided by NJBIA's monthly magazine, New Jersey Business, and through the association's business-to-business seminars.

We have also negotiated discounts for NJBIA members for such services as shipping, energy and credit card processing.

At NJBIA, you get the best of both worlds.We have the prestige and respect that comes with 100 years of excellence, but we are not anchored in tradition. We are a dynamic organization that is constantly changing and adapting to the modern business world in order to better meet our members' needs.

I invite you to learn more about NJBIA by visiting www.njbia.org or calling us at(800) 499-4419.


Philip Kirschner