Letter From The President Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel - Northeast

2010-04-05 00:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Northeast Chapter of ACC Expands Program Offerings

It is a pleasure to announce that ACC-Northeast will be offering an unprecedented 30 programs to chapter members this year.

In December of 2009, our membership exceeded 1,000 for the first time, and as of this writing it is steadily growing.This increase has caused the board of directors to expand our educational programming, networking, pro bono and diversity efforts, in order to best serve this growing population.

We also had an unprecedented number of sponsors step up to the plate in the Northeast this year and so are offering many more programs covering a wide variety of topics, including Boardroom Dynamics, Corporate Investigations and Damage Control, a "Family Feud" format for investigating labor law, data security, social media implications, and many more.Our sponsors are both knowledgeable and creative, and this year's roster of programs is exceptional.

Member-to-member networking is very popular.Our members often tell us that they value time with "other in-house counsel only," meaning an unsponsored event.We began offering these in 2008, and they were so popular that we are now planning four per year, with one being in Portland, Maine, which draws from southern New Hampshire as well.

Our diversity efforts have also increased over the past year. We have formed a relationship with Citizen Schools, and put on two after-school programs in Lowell and Medford, Mass.Our team of volunteers developed a negotiation exercise for the children, which really made them understand the process of listening to what the other side wants, considering what they themselves would give up, and then communicating to come to an agreement.In both schools, the children were very enthusiastic about the exercise and did remarkably well.It was a good way for them to understand how lawyers work beyond what they see on television.

We are looking forward to 2010 as a real year for growth in the chapter - not only in numbers of members, but in what we can offer to help them improve their careers and the communities in which they live.


Christopher Mirabile