Letter From The President Of The South Carolina Bar Association

2009-11-02 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

The South Carolina Bar is a mandatory organization of more than 13,000 attorneys. It serves its members through a variety of programs designed to advance justice, professionalism and understanding of the law.These include continuing legal education programming, practice management assistance, legislative advocacy and risk management.The bar has established sections, committees and other entities through which members learn and network.

The bar recognizes that those who serve as in-house counsel for corporations have previously been somewhat underserved in these efforts.It is pleased to announce the appointment of corporate counsel to serve on its board of governors and the expected formation of a Corporate Counsel Committee to facilitate the involvement of this sector of our membership and identification of common issues.

The bar's existing Corporate, Banking and Securities Section studies developments in these practice areas.However, the Corporate Counsel Committee will examine the myriad legal issues that affect the function of corporate counsel in their day-to-day work. This committee will focus on such issues as regulatory matters, licensing, copyright, employment and compliance issues. It will work to 1) identify who, among the bar membership, serves as in-house counsel and compile a directory of these members, 2) sponsor networking opportunities and practice resources for this group, and 3) develop continuing legal education opportunities that focus on issues of unique concern to in-house practitioners. This committee will also have opportunities to interact with bar leadership and bring its goals and concerns to them.

Private practice attorneys, particularly those from the defense bar, will benefit from increased opportunities to make contacts with corporate counsel attorneys. Increased communication between these two groups will therefore be beneficial to both.

There will also be opportunities for interaction with the newly formed South Carolina chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel. This chapter is developing bylaws, coordinating sponsorship programs, and planning a January 2010 continuing legal education event, and it is our hope that these two groups work in concert to indentify and address issues of mutual concern.

The bar is enthusiastic about this new forum through which to address concerns of in-house counsel and otherwise serve this sector of the South Carolina Bar. We look forward to keeping you informed about this committee's progress.


Fred W. Suggs, Jr.