Letter From The President Of The Dallas-Fort Worth ACC

2009-09-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Texas ACC Chapters Respond To The Economic Downturn

Despite the economic crisis, the Dallas-Fort Worth ACC Chapter continues to grow and be responsive to member needs. We focused several efforts this year on member needs in the current economic environment. Our board set up an In-Transition Member Committee to develop programs and resources for members transitioning between corporate positions.While some informal groups meet to share ideas, we plan to develop this into a regular chapter activity. We will offer members photography services at our September Golf & Spa event to help them improve their online postings and resumes, and we continue to be the leading source of networking opportunities for in-house counsel.

As another reflection of today's economy, our most popular events have been those focused on managing companies in financial distress and alternative fee arrangements with outside counsel - both aimed at improving our companies' bottom line while reducing risk. Our Chapter has been promoting ACC's Value Challenge initiative across the Dallas-Fort Worth area to help members change the way legal firms provide and bill for services. We held several events this year where members and outside counsel openly discussed alternative billing, including how partners and firms can be given adequate incentives to change, and options to assist in-house counsel in implementing these new solutions with their outside counsel.

Best regards,

Marcia Stuart Ceplecha