UBIC Will Conduct Webinar on the Challenges Inherent in Cross-Border E-Discovery Through ARMA International



UBIC's counsel and chief global risk Officer, Paul Starrett, moderator; Chris Dale eDisclosure Informaton Project, English Solicitor; Patrick Burke, counsel Reed Smith, LLP; and Patrick Zeller Corporate E-Discovery & Privacy Counsel, Gilead Sciences


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In an increasingly global economy, not only is the pool the digital evidence potentially multi-lingual, but also subject to different, perhaps even opposing data privacy laws. While the United States provides criminal investigators and regulators a broad wingspan with respect to privacy and data protection, other nations have a narrow range. The European Union led the pack in adopting privacy and data  protection restrictions. Now, many other countries, such as China, have followed suit.

In the case of an international dispute, the question then arises how, these differing E-Discovery related laws will apply. And, which jurisdiction shall prevail. This webinar will highlight some of the challenges present in this context, and will also offer practical solutions toward conflict resolution.