Corporate M&A Series: Proven Success Strategies to Close Cross Border M&A Deals Fast


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Andrew J. Sherman, partner, M&A and Corporate, Jones Day LLP




noon-1 pm EST

CLE Credits:

1 hr

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Cross-border mergers and acquisitions offer unique opportunities for companies for growth and new market penetration. However, market risk volatility, cross-cultural integration challenges and differences in business operations, shareholder expectations and government regulations can significantly delay a cross-border M&A deal if not executed properly. This video webcast will highlight success strategies that companies can deploy to ensure expedient closure of such deals. The speaker, Andrew J. Sherman, partner, Jones Day LLP, Washington DC, will focus on the following areas: Risk volatility of markets; Cross-cultural integration; Regulatory challenges; FCPA compliance and corruption; and Unique challenges and benefits of emerging markets.