Role of Localities and the Public in Shaping Drilling's Future (live audio webcast)


Thursday, January 10, 2013


Kate Sinding, deputy director, New York Urban Program, Natural Resources Defense Council, New York




12:30 EST, duration 1 hr 30 min

CLE Credits:

1.5 hrs


There is significant focus on creating best practices and regulatory approaches to address the potential impacts of shale gas development, but the impacts on communities are not easily amenable to such regulation. These impacts may be best addressed by localities, which have traditionally had primacy in the land use arena. In some states, local governments have significant say over whether and how shale drilling takes place, in others, little to none.

This panel will examine the existing role of local governments, and search for likely trends in various jurisdictions, including active litigation over the scope of local jurisdiction; practical implications of local regulation; legal issues regarding pre-emption, takings, and zoning; and the role of local citizen activism in shaping gas development.