Serving on a Non-Profit Board: What Lawyers Need To Know (live video webcast)


Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Mark T. Carroll, chief, CLE Operations for ALI CLE; Morgen Cheshire, Beth Dougherty, both Morgen Cheshire, Esq. LLC; Linshuang Lu, Consultant at Praxis


1:30 EST, duration 1 hr 30 min



Resourceful nonprofit organizations frequently ask lawyers to join their boards, hoping to obtain free legal advice or a “lawyer’s perspective” on various aspects of running and governing the organization. But serving a nonprofit organization as legal counsel requires specific expertise, and lawyers serving on the boards of nonprofit organizations generally serve a very different role. Many lawyers accept positions on nonprofit boards to support causes they believe in, and to further their personal, professional and philanthropic goals, and they are not prepared for the conflicts and other professional issues that confront them during their board service.