Technology-Assisted Review 101 (webcast)


Thursday, September 20, 2012



Andy Paredes, senior director, Document Review Services, Epiq Systems; Mary Ann Benson, director, Consulting Services, Epiq Systems; Warwick Sharp, vice president, Marketing and Business Development, Equivio


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2 pm EST

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Technology-assisted review, or TAR, continues to be a hot topic in legal circles and recent judicial decisions have put it in the spotlight. Although the methodology has been employed by tech-savvy legal professionals for years, what better time for a refresher course in TAR basics? In this webcast, legal experts cover what professionals need to know now about technology-assisted review, including:

  • What exactly is technology-assisted review?
  • The science behind the magic: How does it work?
  • What types of TAR are there, and what distinguishes them?
  • What's the difference between TAR and traditional, or linear, review?
  • How to determine when and where to use TAR
  • Best practices for employing TAR methodologies