Drafting Arbitration Clauses for Executive Employment Contracts


Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Lionel M. Schooler, Jackson Walker; Leslie W. Langbein, Langbein & Langbein , PA


United States




1:30-2:30 pm EST

CLE Credits:

1 hr


Few issues can be as damaging to an organization, both internally and externally, as disputes with executive-level employees or an organization’s board members. The possible effects of senior executive disputes are many, including business-continuity viability or delivery issues and negative changes in customer perceptions, among other dilemmas.

Negotiated employment contracts that contain an alternative dispute resolution component provide cost-saving conflict resolution at the earliest stages of a dispute to help diminish threats associated with executive-level employment disputes.

Through real-world examples, the panel of ADR experts will examine the components of an ADR clause to identify what no agreement should be without, how both the employer and employee can benefit from this type of contract and the impact of recent case law on these agreements. Topics include drafting an ADR clause to provide solutions around location of arbitration; in-house dispute resolution options; external steps to resolve conflict; cost-effective options that provide greater control; and the do’s and don’ts when developing a contract.