Severing the Mandate From the Healthcare Law: The Effect of Remaining ACA (live webcast)


Tuesday, March 20, 2012



John K. DiMugno Litigation Research Group; Dennis J. Wall, expert witness, insurance consultant


United States




noon-1 pm

CLE Credits:

1 hr


This streaming live webcast starts at noon EST and will last one hour.

Oral arguments on the constitutionality of the act have been scheduled by the Supreme Court to begin later this month. In this timely seminar, the presenters will address the effects of an anticipated ruling that the mandate provision will be struck down, but severed from the remaining provisions of the ACA.

The presenters will address the mandate’s origin and history and the negotiations that resulted in the mandate being included in the act. Its inclusion was exchanged for various provisions. The presenters will focus on those provisions that would be severed and remain in effect under such a ruling, including “guaranteed availability” and “guaranteed renewability” of health care coverage (no prohibition on coverage for preexisting conditions); the little-understood limitation, not prohibition, on annual lifetime per beneficiary limits on specific covered benefits; and the greatly limited new federal rescission standards for health insurance covered by the ACA.