LexisNexis Releases Concordance Evolution

Monday, August 1, 2011 - 01:00

LexisNexihas announced the release of Concordance®Evolution, a powerful new enterprise software product for electronic discovery and litigation document management.

Developed with the help and collaborative input from litigation professionals through hundreds of interviews and extensive user testing, Concordance Evolution from LexisNexis is an innovative and user-friendly offering that helps legal professionals reduce their overall e-discovery cost and boost their litigation workflow productivity while managing the largest and most complex cases.

Concordance Evolution features an all-new online interface and delivers the most requested and needed features for customers - including virtually limitless scalability, centralized user administration, native file review, integrated processing and production, concept searching and email threading - while also retaining tools from the traditional Concordance product. The new solution also gives users the ability to host the platform in an "agnostic" software environment so it can work alongside other products and provide users the flexibility to purchase only those pieces that best suit their unique needs.

Key features of Concordance Evolution include:

• Open Web API - Concordance Evolution is built on an open Web API architecture that enables users or third party partners to create their own specialized applications and integrations that work with Concordance Evolution .

• Concept Search & Clustering - Considered a best practice in today's litigation environment, Concordance Evolution customers benefit from unlimited access to concept search and clustering for no additional charge.

• Near-Native Redaction - Concordance Evolution offers near-native redaction that allows clients to not only see the native version of their document, but to safely redact it - saving the time and cost of converting original documents to Tiff or PDF files before redacting, while also avoiding the risk of redacting original files.

• Find and Redact - Concordance Evolution has a unique find-and-redact feature that enables users to easily search for and redact a common term or phrase within a document.

• Centralized Database - A centralized database and security management function inside Concordance Evolution enables firm administrators to have oversight of all firm databases from a single dashboard.

Visit http://www.lexisnexis.com/concordance-evolution/.