Louis Rorimer



  • Friday, December 1, 2006
    On November 7, 2006, the SEC's new executive compensation and corporate governance rules went into effect.1 This article reports on several of the real-world challenges these new rules are already presenting for U.S. public companies. U.S. public companies need to be prepared for these new rules for the 2007 proxy season, or sooner in the event a company...
  • Thursday, June 1, 2006
    The SEC's comprehensive proposals for disclosure of executive compensation in the proxy statements of U.S. public companies (Rel. No. 33-8655, January 27, 2006) respond to 14 years of developments in executive compensation since the last major SEC overhaul in 1992. While nothing in the proposed rules mandates specific changes in executive pay, it...
  • Sunday, February 1, 2004
    The SEC has begun to implement proxy rule changes that will fundamentally alter the balance between shareholders and directors of U.S. public companies. New rules mandating expanded disclosure about a company's nominating process became effective on January 1, 2004.