Fabien Carruzzo


  • Monday, April 5, 2010
    On January 25, 2010, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Peck struck down a provision that used the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. (" LBHI ") to trigger subordination of a Lehman subsidiary's swap claim against a securitization vehicle in the United Kingdom.1
  • Tuesday, March 31, 2009
    The Big Bang bell has sounded for participants in the credit default swaps industry. As part of an effort to enhance the infrastructure of the CDS market, increase transparency, foster operational efficiency and, last but not least, promote asset fungibility, market participants have developed significant amendments to the contractual provisions governing...
  • Monday, December 1, 2008
    Introduction Much has been written lately regarding the role of derivatives, and specifically, credit default swaps (CDS) in the current market turmoil. Despite the legitimate credit risk transfer and hedging technology embodied in CDS, these products have been pilloried as a significant contributor to current market conditions, and many have called...