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Monday, January 1, 2007 - 00:00

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The arrival of the new year brings new challenges — and opportunities
— for corporate counsel. A recent survey of corporate law departments
conducted by Hildebrandt International (
shows that international law tops the list of forecasted high-demand areas for
in-house counsel in 2007.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel continues its coverage
of international topics with this month’s Focus on the
United Kingdom section. Business ethics policies and
employment law matters, both covered in this issue as well,
also promise to keep corporate counsel busy in the new year.
Craig Miller, vice president and general manager, Corporate
Sales and Account Management, invites current Westlaw subscribers
to dig deeper into the issues addressed in these articles
through direct links to the Westlaw databases noted
below from The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel’s Web site,

This month’s cover story (page 1) looks at corporate global citizenship
the importance of operating under a code of ethics. With the media spotlight
becoming increasingly focused on the behavior of corporations and their representatives,
corporate counsel may see an increased demand in 2007 for advice regarding
the design, implementation and enforcement of corporate codes of ethics. The
annually updated treatise Corporate Counsel’s Guide to Business Ethics
published by Thomson West and available as a fully searchable database in Westlaw,
provides discussion and analysis of business ethics policy areas – including
pertinent legal and ethical implications – and includes an extensive collection
sample policies. The treatise covers the full range of issues corporate counsel
face in this regard.

The Justice Department’s Thompson Memorandum is viewed as eroding the
attorney/client privilege. The ABA, Association of Corporate Counsel and other
organizations have been carrying on a dialogue with the Department in an effort
to convince it to change its position. The Department promulgated the McNulty
Memorandum in mid-December to address their concerns. In the interview on
page 5, the chairman of the ABA Task Force that participated in this dialogue
the ABA’s role and what remains to be done. In the interview on page 6,
seasoned litigator expresses the view that the McNulty Memo fails to address
problem adequately.

A special section of this month’s issue (page 43) explores the potential
of the United Kingdom as a business destination and as a gateway into the rest
of the European Union. When a corporation decides to “cross the pond”
expand its operations to the United Kingdom, corporate counsel may find many
Westlaw databases useful regarding business laws and regulations, including
European Competition Law Review, a database of articles covering antitrust and
related trade regulation issues in the EU and its member states, as well as
in major
EU trading nations such as the United States, Australia, and Japan.

Corporate counsel operating in the United Kingdom may also turn to the
recently enhanced Westlaw UK (, a complete online research
system developed by London-based Sweet & Maxwell, a sister company to
Thomson West. Westlaw UK provides case law, legislation, journal archives, commentary,
news, and business information – plus the popular Legal Journals Index
(LJI), EU material including CELEX, and access to international materials.

Finally, the article on page 25 discusses a current high-profile employment
discrimination case filed against Target Corporation. This topic and other areas
employment law are crucial to the role of in-house counsel, and Westlaw’s
employment law databases – both broad and focused – provide corporate
counsel with essential resources. In particular, BNA Corporate Practice Portfolios:
Employment Discrimination Law examines the various federal enactments
containing prohibitions against employment discrimination and discusses the
principles applicable to discrimination based on race, sex, national origin,
religion, disability and age, along with the affirmative action requirements
Executive Order No. 11246.

Additionally, several Westlaw databases help keep corporate counsel up to date
on the latest developments in employment law. Employment Coordinator, updated
monthly, provides authoritative information for employment practices in all
relevant areas; and Employment Discrimination Coordinator, updated biweekly,
contains a state-by-state analysis of unjust dismissal issues, areas with significant
differences between state and federal law, updates on regulations, and more.

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