MCC Interactive - Digging Deeper With Westlaw

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - 00:00

Craig Miller,
Thomson West

The June issue of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel focuses on compliance, corporate governance, insurance and risk management. It also focuses on intellectual property issues, including improvements in the protection of IP in China. Craig Miller, vice president and general manager, Corporate Division, Thomson West, recommends that current Westlaw subscribers dig deeper into these issues through direct links to Westlaw from Metropolitan Corporate Counsel's Website,

The article on page 40 of this issue discusses how insurance coverage can be defeated by time limits on suits against insurers. And the interview on page 41 and the article on page 42 highlight the importance of getting the right D&O coverage. For corporate counsel in the insurance industry, West has many resources that assist in navigating fraud, insurance compliance and insurance litigation. Uncovering fraud can be a complex challenge. Special investigations resources from Westlaw can help you easily find what is needed. Through the Special Investigations tab on Westlaw, you can uncover possible prior criminal activity and trace business associations and relationships between people. Easy-to-use templates require minimal information and tools and checklists help guide you through the investigative process.

The West Insurance Compliance (WIC) tab on Westlaw offers unlimited access to the essential compliance law. With its easy-to-use interface, searching and index, WIC includes access to primary state and federal insurance law, including all the statutes, regulations, bulletins, attorney general opinions, circular letters and memoranda relating to insurance. WIC also includes access to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) materials including its Proceedings and Model Laws, Historical Model Laws, the Financial Condition Examiners Handbook, Journal of Insurance Regulation, Market Conduct Examiners Handbook, Compendium of State Laws and White Papers.

Additionally, the Insurance Analytical database provides insurance law practitioners with the practical information to meet the challenge of this increasingly demanding practice area, including analysis of insurance law and practice strategies. The database includes three Westlaw insurance mainstays trusted by insurance law practitioners: Couch on Insurance (Westlaw database identifier: COUCH), Andrew's Insurance Litigation Reporter (Westlaw database identifier: INSLITREP), and Law and Practice of Insurance Coverage Litigation (Westlaw database identifier: LPINLIT).

Articles pertaining to compliance, corporate governance, insurance and risk management can be found on pages 26 through 45. The interview on page 30 discusses best practices relating to board evaluations. On page 45, corporate counsel experts describe the characteristics of well-run compliance programs. Corporate governance and compliance professionals need to stay abreast of the latest regulations, statutes and legislation that could affect the organization. On Westlaw, the Corporate Governance tab offers timely analysis of the hottest issues of the day for attorneys and compliance professionals. Expert guidance found within this database offers an authoritative source to find detailed analysis. In addition, news, governance bill tracking and regulation tracking, and a new expert commentary database keep the governance and compliance practitioner on the cutting edge.

Brand new on Westlaw is Graphical Statutes, a revolutionary statute research tool that provides an easy-to-view and navigate timeline of a statute's history with links to prior and future versions of a statute, complete with legislative history. The Graphical Statutes service is available for the United States Code Annotated (USCA) and selected state jurisdictions. And with RegulationsPlus on Westlaw, you can access a fully indexed, annotated version of the Code of Federal Regulations, allowing you to quickly find, update and interpret federal regulations.

On page 18, a lawyer versed in the application of the antitrust laws to healthcare providers emphasizes the importance of knowing when a competitor gets into antitrust difficulties so that corrective and other actions can be taken. Dockets on Westlaw gives you access to millions of case-related documents allowing you to stay on top of significant developments. And by using Dockets Alerts, you can monitor new filings and learn about new cases filed against other healthcare providers.

The interviews on pages 6 and 7 welcome the improved state of intellectual property law in China. To find out more about intellectual property and outsourcing issues in China, you can keep up-to-date on global news on Westlaw WestnewsPRO World News (Westlaw database identifier: NEWSWORLD-PRO). The database contains international news sources from many areas including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan news sources.

Additionally, West's sister company in the Asia Pacific region, Sweet & Maxwell, has two key print titles that professionals would find helpful: Intellectual Property in China, 2nd Edition, by Dr. Peter Feng, and Chinese Intellectual Property Law in the 21st Century by Xue Hong and Chengsi Zheng.

Intellectual property issues are discussed in the articles/interviews on pages 6 through 13. For general intellectual property resources, Westlaw's International Intellectual Property tab provides IP information and analysis specific to international subjects of interest. Databases include Intellectual Property Law Reports (Westlaw database identifier: IP-RPTS-ALL), Eckstrom's Licensing in Foreign and Domestic Operations (Westlaw database identifier: ECKLICN-JV), European Patent Office Reports (Westlaw database identifier: EPO-RPTS), Entertainment and Media Law Reports (Westlaw database identifier: EML-RPTS, United Kingdom Intellectual Property Databases and more.

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