MCC Interactive - Digging Deeper With Westlaw

Monday, May 1, 2006 - 00:00

Craig Miller,
Thomson West

The May issue of Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) contains articles and interviews on international law and trade, partnering between inside and outside counsel, and on the Middle Atlantic area including Delaware, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding region. Many Thomson West customers in the D.C. metropolitan area focus on government affairs work - monitoring legislation and regulatory information. Craig Miller, vice president and general manager, Corporate Division, Thomson West, recommends that current Westlaw subscribers dig deeper into topics discussed in this issue through direct links to Westlaw services (underlined below) from the version of this column on MCC's Web site. (Click on "MCC Interactive - Digging Deeper With Westlaw" on the home page of to view the Web version.)

On the cover (page 25) of the Special Section on International Law and Trade, the Chair of the Executive Board of CEELI (an adjunct of the ABA) discusses how the four horsemen of disaster (terrorism, poverty, corruption and disease) can be curbed by the rule of law. And on Page 38 three present or former general counsel discuss how the private sector can promote the rule of law. China is the focus of articles on pages 29, 33 and 34.

Westlaw offers several international trade treatises for corporations. The Law of Transnational Business, Westlaw database identifier: LTBT, provides a detailed overview and analysis of key aspects of international transactions including: Codes of Conduct for Transnational Corporations; Choosing Business Entities Abroad; and Transnational Contract Law. Another treatise, Antidumping & Countervailing Duty Laws, Westlaw database identifier: ANTIDUMP covers the Antidumping Act of 1916, initiation of and preliminary antidumping and countervailing duty investigations, and bilateral and multilateral review.

The Special Section on Partnering highlights partnering models and the interaction between corporate and outside counsel. Models are presented on pages 43 through 47. Successful Partnering Between Inside and Outside Counsel, Westlaw database identifier: SPARTNER, a joint project between Thomson West and the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), contains commentary from the General Counsel of 80 Fortune 500 companies. The text, edited by Robert Haig of Kelley Drye & Warren LLP in New York City, examines all aspects of the relationship between inside and outside counsel.

West recently released Counsel Monitor, a strategic intelligence solution that quickly gathers critical legal and marketing information, enabling corporate legal departments to provide legal advice and strategy. With Counsel Monitor, professionals can discover legal activity and trends by company, industry and law firm, creating comprehensive reports that highlight areas of opportunity or possible risk.

The Special Section covering the Middle Atlantic region includes significant focus on Delaware and Washington DC. The Delaware coverage includes an interview on the front cover of this issue (page 1) with the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court in which he sets forth aspirational goals useful to corporate counsel in advising their clients with respect to some of the "hot" issues that they may face. Also included in the Special Section (page 51) is an interview with the Delaware Secretary of State in which she describes the many services available to corporations. Distinguished lawyers comment on developments in Delaware law in interviews on pages 52 and 53. To access the Delaware statutes, Westlaw users can go to West's new Delaware Annotated Code either in print or on Westlaw, Westlaw Database Identifier: DE-ST-ANN. This includes a state-of-the-art index, thousands of annotations, KeyCite for pending legislation and Westlaw's exclusive StatutesPlus functionality.

Also found in the Middle Atlantic Special Section is coverage of Washington DC. You will find insights on pages 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58 of Washington DC based lawyers who deal with various aspects of the intersection of government and the private sector. Professionals who depend on the comprehensive and authoritative Government Affairs information can look to NetScan on Westlaw. Netscan allows users to more easily identify trends and track changes in proposed legislation and regulations across all 50 states; shape government policy by influencing political processes and public opinion; and ensure their organization's compliance with lobbying and campaign contribution regulations.

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