Disaster Relief - Organizations Fordham University

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 - 00:00

Fordham University has enrolled a total of 104 students from the colleges and universities on the Gulf Coast affected by Hurricane Katrina. Of thesestudents, 74 have been admitted toundergraduate schools; 28 second- and third-year students have been admitted to the Law School; one has been admitted to the Graduate School of Business; and one has been admitted to the Graduate School of Social Service. A number of students volunteered to take in "hurricane triples" to offer space in residence halls to all of the displaced students who requested housing. Fordham has not charged tuition and room fees to those students who had already paid their fees for the semester at their home institutions. As of September 27, the members of the University community had donated $78,000 to Catholic Charities USA for hurricane relief.