LCJ Membership Meeting 2004

Monday, November 1, 2004 - 00:00

Barry Bauman
Lawyers For Civil

Lawyers for Civil Justice (LCJ) will host its Membership Meeting in New York
City on December 13 - 14 featuring an array of topics hightlighted below:

" Junk Science and Improving the Rules for Admitting Expert Evidence in
State Courts
" - Curtis Oltmans, Associate General Counsel of Eli
Lilly, joins Daniel J. Capra, a Philip D. Reed Professor of Law at
Fordham and a Reporter for the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on the
Federal Rules of Evidence, in opening remarks. Lloyd Dixon, a Senior
Economist for Rand Corporation and co-principal investigator of the Institute
for Civil Justice's expert evidence study, is followed by LCJ President Neil
and LCJ Counsel Alfred W. Cortese, Jr. in a strategy
discussion on identifying states where rulemaking opportunities are possible.

" New Legal Reform Priorities for 2005 " - the topic of the LCJ/CJRG
dinner includes invited guest speakers Wall Street Journal senior
columnist John Fund and Congresswoman Melissa Hart (R-PA ).

" Briefing on E-Discovery " - the Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal,
the U. S. District Judge in Houston, Texas, who chairs the Judicial Conference
Advisory Committee on Civil Rules, discusses a recently proposed new package of
rule amendments governing discovery of electronic information. The issue assumed
major importance for the corporations as electronically stored data has become
more burdensome, costly and time-consuming to store, retrieve and produce in

" Discovery of Electronic Information - Best Practices/Best Policy " -
Eric Finkelman, Vice President and General Counsel of Ciba Specialty
Chemical Corporation, Theodore (Taysen) Van Itallie, Associate General
Counsel of Johnson & Johnson, and Atiba Adams, senior Counsel of
Pfizer. David Dukes, senior counsel of Nelson Mullins Riley &
Scarborough and Ashish Prasad of Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw in Chicago
will join other practitioners in addressing the "best practices" portion of this

" Criminal Penalties: the Impact on Civil Litigation " -
Professor Paul S. Rosenzweig will highlight his work as Senior Legal
Research Fellow for The Heritage Foundation, an adjunct professor of law at
George Mason University, and the webhost of Overcoming
the alliance of state attorneys general and the plaintiffs' bar is a major
challenge for corporate defendants.

" Legislative Update Session " - Focus will be on " Privacy and
Protective Orders
" and include participation by Samina Schey ,
Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, General Motors Corporation and Tim
Fisher (
McCarter & English, LLP) who chairs the Connecticut Task Force
on Confidentiality and the Courts.

You can obtain more information by contacting Tierney Kraft at the LCJ office
(202) 429-0045 or sending an email message to target=_new>