Doerner & Goldberg: State-Of-The-Art Litigation Support

Wednesday, September 1, 2004 - 00:00

With more than 30 years' experience, Doerner & Goldberg, Inc. is one of the world's premier court reporting and litigation support organizations, providing quality depositions and a variety of state-of-the-art technical services to its clients. Doerner & Goldberg covers all practice areas of litigation, including mass tort, bankruptcy, antitrust, employment law, intellectual property, medical malpractice, personal injury and many more.

The firm offers a complete line of litigation support services from discovery through trial, including Internet depositions, realtime reporting, database management, video depositions, translations and interpreting, videoconferencing, trial consulting and courtroom presentations.

"Whether the deposition is held across town or overseas, we provide our clients with a team of dedicated, professional reporters who are experienced in all types of complex litigation matters, including Internet depositions, interactive realtime and instant ASCIIs," notes Marshall Goldberg, founder and owner of the firm.

The firm offers a wide variety of resources that attorneys can use here and abroad to ensure a successful, profitable and responsive practice.

With the assistance of Doerner & Goldberg's experienced technical staff, attorneys can take advantage of highly sophisticated computer software that offers realtime depositions with instant messaging, giving them the ability to collaborate with multiple parties during a deposition. With realtime depositions and the Internet, legal teams can be remotely connected with co-counsel and/or experts anytime, anywhere. And Doerner & Goldberg has certified LiveNote, Summation and RealLegal Binder trainers in-house, ready to train law firms and their staffs in the newest technology or to help with any technical issues they may encounter.

Doerner & Goldberg also provides videoconference facilities where depositions or meetings can be held to save valuable time and thousands of dollars in travel expenses. Whether the deposition is in Chicago, London, Paris, Rome or Hong Kong, Doerner & Goldberg can offer appropriate facilities. With attorneys in different cities, or even different countries, videoconferencing services will produce instantaneous broadcast-quality video, allowing for rapid transfer of images, sound and documents via point-to-point or multi-user conference systems.

From discovery to verdict, Doerner & Goldberg also offers litigation-support services not readily available in courtrooms, including Internet depositions, database management, computer-generated evidence presentation and powerful visuals and video that a jury can understand and appreciate. "We routinely add multimedia expertise to help enhance and add power to a trial team's courtroom presentations," notes Goldberg. "And our seasoned staff helps law firms maximize this technology to engage the jury and to bring the facts of a case to life."

Online Data Repository

Doerner & Goldberg offers an online data repository, enabling law firms to prepare for cases instead of handling paper. Through Doerner & Goldberg, clients can have secure online document repositories based upon court documents, exhibits and transcripts, their firm's working papers and any other case-specific documents.

Doerner & Goldberg's Internet-based deposition service expedites scheduling, transcript viewing and billing. It enables law firms to operate more efficiently and be more responsive to clients, around the clock and around the world.

Doerner & Goldberg provides its clients with an online deposition calendar, which allows them to simply enter new scheduling requests and also displays current and past deposition schedules in a searchable format as well as a monthly calendar.

Clients can use the system as a web transcript repository to download transcripts of completed depositions, available the moment Doerner & Goldberg uploads them.

The service also features a customer's entire payment history, outstanding balances, last payment and detailed invoices, allowing law firms to improve communications and out-of-pocket expense reporting and enhance their value to clients.

Internet systems like those offered by Doerner & Goldberg allow firms to save by avoiding rush and other service charges, unnecessary long-distance call charges and any late-payment charges. Firms and their staffs can view depositions scheduled for a particular case or the entire month-at-a-glance calendar. And the Doerner & Goldberg technology helps save time and reduce errors and typos, eliminating unnecessary re-keying when making requests.

The system also allows attorneys to send attachments, such as official notices, and virtually eliminates the possibility of information getting lost in transit via phone, fax or e-mail requests.

Through Doerner & Goldberg's Internet connection, law firms and their staffs can modify or cancel depositions, even those made via phone, fax or e-mail, and have a record of them so there are no unnecessary discussions about unexpected charges.

Conversely, attorneys can automatically make multiple deposition requests for recurring depositions, using Doerner & Goldberg's "smart form," which will also select a date range and generate requests for every day within that range (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

Customers can also meet the needs of insurers, corporations and other large clients by having D&G Access at their fingertips for review of invoices and transcripts.

And when cases take months or years to go to trial, D&G Access saves space around the office and provides law firms with an easy way to retrieve transcripts and billing data without searching for transcripts or waiting for copies to be compiled.

"Business globalization is placing greater demands on corporations and their law entities," points out Goldberg, noting his company also serves law firms and corporate law departments with their need for overseas court reporting. "More and more, companies have to depose witnesses or participate in hearings in foreign countries, often in countries where English is not the language," he explains. "In cases involving witnesses in several countries, Doerner & Goldberg helps companies by sending the same legal team, along with the same court reporters and videographers, to each country to handle the depositions. This approach assures consistency."

"And it is the most cost-effective way to do the job, as well," he adds. "Attempting to prep a different team for each location would be too expensive and undermines consistency," explains the firm's owner. "Most companies insist on working with U.S. reporters, knowing they are more technologically advanced than reporters in most other countries."

In these international cases, realtime reporting can be critical. With realtime, the legal team can e-mail depositions back to the home offices immediately, solving logistical problems associated with differing time zones. No matter where they are, lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries will find the transcripts from Doerner & Goldberg waiting for them in the morning. With Doerner & Goldberg's services, lawyers in the U.S. can dial into an overseas deposition as it is taking place to see how the witness is answering the attorney's questions. The U.S. team can transmit suggestions or questions to the lawyer's laptop PC, where only that lawyer can see them. This kind of technology lets more people get involved and it saves time and money.

In addition, Doerner & Goldberg is using realtime technology to synchronize text, sound, video and exhibits. As the questioning attorney in an overseas country cross examines the witness, everyone throughout the world can read the realtime text in the middle of the monitor, watch the video feed streaming across a box in the upper left portion of the screen, and listen to the audio. If there are exhibits, they too can be displayed on the screen. Legal teams via remote connections get the same text, video, audio and exhibits, all in realtime. The remote attorney, corporate client or expert can also send a proprietary message to the questioning attorney, which appears on that attorney's computer in a chat window. As each sees how the witness is answering his/her questions, any one of them can communicate with the attorney in the deposition room, and vice versa. It is not uncommon for lawyers working with Doerner & Goldberg to wake at two or three a.m. in the United States, log onto their home computers and dial into an overseas deposition.

"Wherever or however we serve you, our goal is for your legal team to take center stage and for our technology to be both effective and unobtrusive," notes Mr. Goldberg. "But I think our clients say it best. They will tell you they value the high quality, timeliness and professionalism of Doerner & Goldberg around the corner or across the globe. And that's the highest compliment we could receive."