Legal Vendor Management – Designing a Program that Works

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 - 11:36




Join us for a complimentary online event where we will discuss various vendor management programs and best practices.

Effective vendor management programs extend beyond selecting a set of preferred firms to handle legal work. They provide a means to communicate expectations internally and with outside counsel. This webinar will explore the benefits of vendor management programs for legal departments, then focus on keys to designing effective programs. Knowledge shared will include examples of effective programs, best practice metrics, making data informed decisions, and recommendations for communicating results.

Speaker: Kris Satkunas, Strategic Consulting Director, LexisNexis CounselLink

As Director of Strategic Consulting at LexisNexis, Kris leads the team’s efforts to advise corporate legal department managers on improving operations with data driven decisions. Kris has over 15 years of consulting experience in the legal industry. Areas of expertise include benchmarking, practice area metrics and scorecards, dashboard design, matter pricing and staffing, and cost management.

Prior to joining the CounselLink team, Kris honed her legal industry knowledge by advising and consulting with leaders in large law firms. As Director of the Redwood Analytics Think Tank, she partnered with a group of industry thought leaders to develop advances in analytics and best practices that improve law firm performance. She has authored numerous articles and speaks regularly at legal industry conferences and events.

Title: Legal Vendor Management – Designing a Program that Works

Date: Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Time: 1:00 PM ET