RR Donnelley Applauds Dupont's Efforts To Foster Corporate Responsibility By Enriching The Lives Of Others

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 - 00:00

The StreetLaw Program is one of DuPont's corporate initiatives designed to shape the legal community of tomorrow. The program's overall goal is to encourage minority students from the Wilmington, Delaware area to develop skills valued by the legal profession. DuPont introduces the students to different legal career paths and provides meaningful exposure to the legal environment through interactions with attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals. As a DuPont Primary Service Provider, RR Donnelley enthusiastically joined DuPont in providing students the opportunity to explore this exciting career path.

"It was clear that students felt empowered when they met with the attorneys and other legal professionals. I firmly believe this program inspired some future legal eagles," said Kate Backes, an RR Donnelley lawyer who serves DuPont as a Project Manager and participated in the StreetLaw Program. "It was an honor to share my energy, expertise and passion for law with these students. I am grateful to DuPont for its leadership in building bridges to shape the future, and for giving me the opportunity to participate."

RR Donnelley applauds DuPont in its efforts to foster corporate responsibility, making its mark on the community by enriching the lives of others.