Helping You Cope With Crisis And Political Change

Thursday, January 1, 2009 - 01:00

Corporate counsel need tools to help their corporate clients navigate successfully through the current economic crisis and to meet the challenges posed by political changes in Washington and the states. We are directing the full power of our combined print and web coverage to serving as one of these tools. In our coming issues, you will find:

Special Sections on the Financial and Economic Crisis. Beginning in February each of our monthly Special Sections on the Financial and Economic Crisis will offer articles and interviews that will help our readers and viewers to guide their corporate clients through the crisis and understand how those clients can best participate in the recovery efforts. The articles and interviews in the Special Section in this issue are illustrative of the kinds of issues that we will increasingly emphasize..

Interviews of CEOs and their GCs. We will continue to run front cover interviews with CEOs of major companies talking about their contributions to the economy and society. What has made our economy and way of life the envy of the world is that we have effectively harnessed the potential of our corporations. Only by enlisting their potential for stimulating recovery will we be able to emerge quickly from the current economic crisis. If the public's current cynical attitude toward corporations is not improved, politicians will be inclined to pass legislation that will restrain innovation and investment. We can play an important role in letting general counsel know of the importance of enlisting their CEOs in this effort. We started a series of such interviews of CEOs and their general counsel in our December issue entitled "Corporations - Keystones Of Recovery." Bill Weldon, CEO of Johnson & Johnson was featured on our front cover. Russ Deyo, J&J's GC, in his interview in that issue suggested that all general counsel urge their CEOs to speak out.

Our February issue will again feature a CEO and GC.

Hot Issues Alerts. In this issue, you will find the first of our monthly Hot Issue Alerts that will inform our readers and viewers about critical issues affecting corporations that will be considered by the new federal administration, Congress and federal courts as well as by their counterparts at a state and local level.

Considering the pervasive coverage which our print edition provides and the numerous unique visitors (including blogs) that visit our website, we believe that our coverage will play a vital role in educating corporate counsel around the country about the threat to their corporate clients that some of these proposals present and the opportunities they have to improve the legal climate in which their corporate clients operate.

We have invited our supporters to submit articles or interviews for our February Special Section on Hot Issues. It will cover such proposals as the Employee Free Choice Act, Anti-Protective Order Legislation and pending amendments to the False Claims Act.

Controlling Law Department Costs. One of the best ways to control legal spend is to avoid the unnecessary legal expense involved in paying lawyers to reinvent the wheel. By doing a search of our archive of articles and interviews, you can look for a lawyer who has written on the issues involved in her matter or case and is already up to speed. To expedite this process, links are included with our website version of each article or interview that enable corporate counsel to view such things as the lawyer's bio and other articles and interviews the author and her firm have published.

Al Driver