Program Will Outline The ProcessFor Registering Trademarks

Saturday, October 1, 2005 - 00:00

While it is common practice to forward trademark applications to specialized law firms, the general practitioner or in-house counsel with a general knowledge of trademark law can easily accomplish the trademark registration process. To give attorneys a better idea of what is involved, the New York County Lawyers' Association (NYCLA) this month will present a CLE seminar titled Trademark Registration Practice.

The program will take place on Tuesday, October 11 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the NYCLA Home of Law, 14 Vesey Street, New York City.

The program will cover all aspects of trademark registration from identifying protectable trademarks through the preparation and prosecution of a trademark application and the maintenance of the resulting registration.

Participants can expect to learn:

  • How to determine whether your client has a protectable trademark;
  • How to apply for trademark registration and prosecute the trademark application through the registration process;
  • How to file appropriate documents to maintain the registration through Section 8 & 15 affidavits;
  • How to renew a registration;
  • How to appeal the examining attorney's determination of non-registrability and petition the USPTO commissioner.

Related legal and ethical issues also will be discussed.

Speakers will be Jason Drangel and William Wright, both of Epstein Drangel Bazerman & James LLP.

For information on registration fees and CLE credits, see the Bulletin Board on The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel website at

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