NJCCA Seminar Will Examine Post-Sarbanes-Oxley Role Of In-House Counsel

Wednesday, June 1, 2005 - 01:00

The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association (NJCCA), in cooperation with the firm of Saiber Schlesinger Satz & Goldstein, LLC, this month will present a CLE seminar titled Detecting Fraud in the Wake of "Sarbox": The New Age Role of In-House Counsel as the Corporation's Police Officer.

The program will take place on Wednesday, June 15 from 9 to 11 a.m. at the Sheraton at Woodbridge Place, Iselin, NJ.

The program moderator will be Kristi Vaiden, deputy editor of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel . The featured speakers will be Bruce I. Goldstein and Ernest E. Badway, both partners at Saiber Schlesinger.

Some of the topics they will discuss include:

  • Recent Developments in Sarbox's Whistleblower Protections;
  • Establishing Internal Controls and Maintaining a Compliant Corporate Culture;
  • Detecting Fraud With or Without Corporate Intervention;
  • Underlying Tensions in Internal Fraud Investigations;
  • Miranda Rights for Corporate Employees.

For details on registration fees, see the Bulletin Board on The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel website at www.metrocorpcounsel.com.

To register for the program, call Barbara Walder at (973) 927-5622 or email njcca41@aol.com.