Chicago Bar Presents Vanguard Award To Attorney Marc Firestone

Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 00:00

Marc Firestone, executive vice president, Corporate & Legal Affairs, and general counsel at Kraft Foods Inc., was honored with the 2011 Vanguard Award.

The Vanguard Awards are presented every year by The Asian American Bar Association, The Chicago Bar Association, The Cook County Bar Association, The Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois, The Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago, and The Puerto Rican Bar Association. They honor lawyers and judges who, through their efforts, have made the law and legal profession more accessible to and reflective of the community at-large. Firestone is the 2011 honoree of The Chicago Bar Association.

"We are grateful to Marc for his dedication to diversity and inclusion and delighted that he received the 2011 Vanguard award along with other honorees who share our goals for the profession," said Chicago Bar Association President Terri L. Mascherin.