BBA Lawyer Referral Service Reaches Out To Women

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 01:00

Identifying an opportunity to reach out to women who may be in need of legal services, the staff members of the BBA Lawyer Referral Service joined 6,000 registrants at the 2010 Massachusetts Conference for Women this December.

By attending the conference, the BBA raised awareness throughout the women's professional community in Massachusetts about the Lawyer Referral Service in hopes of connecting more women to quality legal assistance.

Conference attendees stopped by the BBA booth to inquire about the mission of the BBA and about the legal profession in general. Many women also spoke with the BBA staff about their specific legal needs and requested referrals to attorneys on the BBA Lawyer Referral Service, the only ABA-approved lawyer referral service in the greater Boston area. For more information visit